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9. The importance of music in the writing process.

I’m sure not everyone works the same way I do, but when it comes to my writing process, music is a crucial element. I almost always have music playing when I’m working. Music does a couple of things for me:

  1. It blocks out distractions. (I’m very easily distracted, so any little noise in the house takes my mind away from whatever it is I’m trying to concentrate on.)

  2. It creates an atmosphere that can lend itself to what I’m writing.

Regarding that second point, I find it immensely helpful to create a playlist that could serve as the soundtrack for the movie version of the story I’m working on. Even on days when I don’t feel like I’m in the proper headspace for my manuscript, putting on my playlist helps me to mentally shift gears and dive into the world of fiction. Soon enough, I’m fully immersed in the story and surpassing my daily word goal—all thanks to music.

I do have some advice when it comes to making your playlist. Specifically, it might be best to find instrumental music or music sung in another language. Like I said before, I’m very easily distracted, so lyrics often pull my attention away when I’m writing. However, I don’t have that issue with instrumental music or music sung in anything other than English or Spanish. (I am in no way fluent in Spanish, but because I know some of the language, I find myself listening extra closely to see if I can recognize any of the words.)

For my current manuscript, I was very lucky to have stumbled upon a Japanese folk artist early in the writing process. I absolutely adore her music. It has been such a huge source of inspiration throughout my process, and because I don’t speak a word of Japanese, I’m able to enjoy her songs while writing. Her name is Ichiko Aoba. Definitely check out her music.

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