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8. A writing update.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve been devoting the bulk of my time to a manuscript. While I am still in the First Draft stage, I feel a great sense of accomplishment for having written as much as I have. My goal is to have the draft completed sometime this month and then spend several weeks editing. I have already begun the editing process for earlier chapters as I continue writing new ones (which I’m sure some writers would object to), but I am looking forward to editing in earnest.

The story, as I’ve said, is a queer romance with a dash of magical realism. The story revolves around two men in Victorian England. The protagonist, plagued by visions and voices and a weak constitution, is sent away by his father to live in his family’s summer home to focus on his health. The journey to recovery is a dark one, though, as he wrestles with his afflictions and the keen insights they provide him. During his stay, a new groundskeeper is hired to care for grounds in light of the elderly Estate Manager’s declining physical abilities. It is in this stranger that our protagonist finds a new outlook on the world around him and becomes reacquainted with hope and inner strength.

The relationship that unfolds is a sweet and gentle one. It is a wonderfully tender slow burn that sees our characters through great changes and realizations.

I have enjoyed every moment of writing this story so far and I cannot wait to share it. It is my hope that the novel will be available as an ebook in a few months time. If the story I’ve described sounds at all interesting to you, please consider subscribing to my mailing list to receive further updates on its release date and platform availability.

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