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4. Something in the works.

I’ve been working on a manuscript for just over a year now. Not consistently, mind you. But it has been the most ambitious writing project I’ve undertaken thus far.

I’ll be frank—it’s an indulgent piece. A queer romance that I started in late December of 2020. Winter is a mentally and emotionally challenging time for many. Long spells of overcast and biting cold. There are days when one can convince themselves that they’ll never see sunshine again. That’s more or less why I began writing this story. I needed an escape.

I continued writing into spring and even some in the summer months, but I ultimately put it down and gave it space. I never believed it was a lost cause, though. I knew I would return, in time.

Now, as those of us in the northern hemisphere are dealing with the coldest months of the year, I have returned to the piece and picked up where I left off. It’s been a joy to return to. As this will be my first novel, I am certain there will be plenty of missteps. But, mistakes will not diminish my feelings for it. I have so much love for what this story has provided for me—a warm, comforting shelter in a dark and howling snowstorm.

I’m excited to share it. It is still quite a ways off from that, but I hope that I will have the first draft completed in the next couple months, and maybe, with any luck, it will be available to read sometime during spring. I feel it would be a fitting tale for the collective winter thaw.

I will provide more information in the future (updates, summaries, character introductions, etc) via this blog. Be on the lookout.

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