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2. The second post is the hardest.

This might be the most important blog post I ever write, for the simple fact that the second post is oftentimes the hardest. Making your first post on any platform can be daunting, but any doubts are likely to be snuffed out by sheer excitement for your new project. The second post, on the other hand, can be just as daunting but far less exciting – especially if no one seemed to read your first. The second post is the hurdle that many blogs fail to overcome.

So, by posting this, I am celebrating a personal victory. I’ve committed to this blog now and will continue to write regardless of whether or not anyone is reading. (I have concluded that screaming into the void is better than resisting the urge to scream at all.)

On a brighter note, the holidays are upon us, and while this year is not exactly leaps and bounds better than the last, there is still much to celebrate and be grateful for. For example, I’m grateful for the winter solstice. Reaching the solstice is always a relief for me because it marks the beginning of longer days. For as dark as my writing can be, I personally adore the sunshine.

Take stock in the things you are thankful for and take comfort in knowing that brighter, warmer days are on the horizon.

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